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Breast Implant surgery is becoming increasingly popular. For the purpose of augmenting breast size, there are a variety of options for breast implant size, texture, and placement. When deciding upon which type of implants may work best for you there are a few things to know:

  • Silicone vs Saline
  • Placement (over the pectoralis muscle vs under the pectoralis muscle)
  • Implant incision site
  • Implant size

Silicone vs Saline

Silicone: Said to more of a natural look and feel, silicone gel as a material for breast implants is desired because it mimics human fat in a lot of ways. Silicone implants are also reputed to have less easily detected ruptures than saline implants.

Saline: Said to feel a little tougher a bit more unnatural but unlike silicone if saline ruptures your body dissolves the liquid without imposing any health threats. A disadvantage of saline implants is that they may cause a rippling in the breast and for women who are very thin or have very thin skin you may be able to see the rippling through the skin.

The gummy bear implant is still in clinical trials and has not been FDA approved yet but it is said to be natural feeling like silicone but last a lot longer than both silicone and saline.


Subglandular implant placement- is when the implant is placed under the breast tissue but above the chest muscle and is attached to the chest wall by fibrous strands called coopers ligaments.
Partial submuscular implant placement- the implant is placed behind the breast tissue and partly under the pectoral and other muscles. During the surgery the lowest part of the major muscle is cut so that the upper part of the implant sits under the muscle but the lower part sits under the breast. 

Full submuscular breast implant placement- the breast is placed behind the breast tissue and the muscles in the chest area.  The breast is position over the pectoral muscles of the chest wall by fibrous strands called cooper’s ligaments. 

Four main types of incisions are used during breast augmentation

  • Inframammary incision- Crease or fold incision placed at the end of the breast where the breast and the chest meet.
  • Periarreolar incision- Around the nipple incision placed around the outline of the areola.
  • Transaxillary incision- Armpit incision this is incision is placed on the fold of the skin of the armpit.
  • Tuba incison- The belly button incision made within the belly button.


Many women who consider breast implants first ask themselves, “how big should I go?” Surgeons often will suggest a size that will suit your body type, and will be proportionate to your height/weight. For smaller women, overly large breasts are not recommended, because the skin would have to be greatly stretched, and the body may not be able to support the extra weight properly. On the other hand, going smaller than you’d like may not give you the desired results either, and may lead to a second surgery. It is suggested to talk to your doctor, and take the advice of other women who have undergone breast implant surgery.

If you’d like to look at some examples of different breast implant surgeries please visit our photo gallery.

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