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Breast enhancement surgery covers the wide range of procedures you can undergo to change the shape or size of your breasts.

Breast lift surgery, otherwise known as mastopexy, involves lifting and reshaping breasts which have begun to sag or deflate (a condition known as ptosis). Ptosis can be caused by age, genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. The degree of the ptosis will determine which type of breast lift technique may be applicable. Most plastic surgeons will determine the amount of breast sag according to nipple placement. Mild, moderate, advanced, and severe ptosis are the general terms used by surgeons. Together, you and your plastic surgeon will determine which kind of Breast Lift procedure is best for you.

Breast reduction surgery, otherwise known as mammoplasty, is another type of breast enhancement seen often in Beverly Hills. Overly large breasts may be more susceptible to ptosis, as well as cause back, neck, and shoulder pain for women whose frames cannot support the weight. Breast reduction is usually done to create a more proportional chest curvature with your overall body shape and alleviate different health problems. This can also help with symmetry if your breast were uneven for whatever reason. The plastic surgeon can change the shape and firmness of the breast to create a more aesthetic appeal. Usually breast reduction is done simultaneously with breast lift surgery in order to reach the desired size and shape. For some women nipple surgery can also be done to reduce the areola size.

Of course the most common types of breast enhancement surgery are breast augmentation, or breast implant surgery. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 315,000 women in the United States underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2008. Breast implant surgery may be combined with any number of breast enhancement surgeries, in order to increase the size, or achieve a more symmetrical and aesthetic shape of the breast. There are a number of different implant types and surgery techniques which are detailed further throughout this site. Expert Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Kapoor will consult with you on what type of breast enhancement surgery will work best for the results you desire. Please feel free to go through the many photos in our photo gallery, and schedule a consultation today to talk more about breast enhancement.

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