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Technically known as augmentation mammoplasty, Beverly Hills breast augmentation is used to enhance the size, shape and appearance of a woman's breast for several reasons:

To enhance a woman's body contour, when she believes her breast size is too small
To correct a reduction in breast volume, following pregnancy
To balance a difference in breast size
As a reconstructive technique following breast surgery

Having a surgeon insert an implant behind the breasts can increase a woman's cup size by one or more.

Having a surgeon insert an implant behind the breasts can increase a woman's cup size by one or more. Candidates for breast augmentation include adult women who are in reasonably good health and are looking to improve their appearance and breast volume. It’s also important that patients are realistic in regard to their expectations. A consultation with Dr. Kapoor at his Beverly Hills office will help to determine if breast augmentation is right for you. The consultation process is particularly important as there are many options when it comes to breast augmentation including the size and type of implant, the incision location and the implant location. The benefits, limitations and potential risks associated with breast augmentation, along with pre- and post-surgical procedures, will also be discussed at this time.

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Dr. Kapoor performs the breast augmentation surgery onsite at his Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Center, a state-of-the-art AAAHC-certified facility. Surgical times will vary but the average breast augmentation surgery takes about one hour to complete. General anesthesia is often used.

There are three possible locations for the incision: in the crease beneath the breast, in the armpit, and around the areola. The incisions are strategically placed to allow the resulting scars to be as inconspicuous as possible. Working through the incision, Dr. Kapoor will lift the skin and breast tissue and create a pocket for the insertion of the implant. This pocket is often created beneath the pectoral (chest wall) muscle, though it can also be made above the chest muscle, directly behind the breast tissue. Dr. Kapoor will then insert the implants into the pockets and center them beneath the nipples before closing the incisions with stitches. The breasts may be taped for additional support.

The recovery after breast augmentation is generally quick. It’s normal to feel tired and sore during the first few days after surgery. Prescribed pain medication can help to control discomfort. Bruising and swelling are common, and the swelling should fade within about three to five weeks. Dressings or bandages applied after surgery will be removed within several days, while the stitches will be removed after a week or so. A surgical bra will likely need to be worn for a period of time.

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Most patients find that they’re well enough to return to work within just a few days after surgery. However, some activities will need to be avoided for about three to four weeks, including strenuous activities which increase the blood pressure and physical contact with the breasts.

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